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Practicality, strength, versatility, reduced dimensions and agility to maneuver even in tight spaces.

01. equipment

• It is equipped with LED lights for poorly lit environments.
• It is powered by 110Ah battery, for numerous loading and unloading operations.
• It is equipped with a convenient servo-assisted platform for the operator.
• It has a mobile front head for an easy and safe hooking of the vehicle.
• Equipped with a powerful 1200 W. wheel motor.

02. utilization

Cris is ideal for handling damaged cars in all conditions and to be used in closed environments where ignition of car engines is prohibited.
Cris is also indicated for the movement of caravans, campers and trolleys for boats with maximum practicality.

03. Utility

• Saves time and effort for the operator
• Its use is easy, safe, convenient and fun

04. functionality

• Cris can easily get on the wrecker quickly
• Lift and drive cars and vans up to 35 quintals
• Thanks to the floating wheels it can maneuver on uneven and grided surfaces

Our videos: the features

01. Handling in the workshop

02. Move heavy vehicles

03. Move vintage tractor

01. order cars in the salon

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